Dorian Brandusa

Dorian Brandusa

Chief Executive Officer


Dorian is an inherently talented visionary. He is completely self-taught in the fields of web development, web design, digital marketing with more than 17 years of experience.  He has worked for multiple Fortune500 companies and has experience across a broad range of coding languages and varied industry segments.  Dorian excels at solving complex problems with creative and simply unique solutions.

7 Interesting Facts

  1. He was born in Romania but is 51% Italian.
  2. He was adopted by Ally from the ASPCA.
  3. He has an obsession for all things Apple.
  4. He cannot live without Tacos and Mexican food.
  5. He has Apple TV in every room of his house, including the bathrooms.
  6. He has 4 amazing kiddos who have him wrapped around their little fingers.
  7. He is obsessed with the color RED.